Can I petition to move the adult charges to juvenile and seal the record that way? Why would the FBI record change?

“As a teenager I was picked up and charged with possession of an altered ID, creating a turmoil, and panhandling. Possession of an altered ID was dismissed, but I got a $27 fine for the turmoil charge and plead guilty for panhandling and had another fine to avoid jail time. When I was arrested I lied about my age, I was only 15, but the police charged me on the lied age. I have had my FBI record pulled a few times. One from 2001 had the charge as panhandling. But later record copies have the charge as pandering. I have petitioned to have the record expunged, but since I plead guilty, to panhandling, my petition was denied.”


If there has been an error after the criminal records were updated I would recommend that you contact the agency to have the charge corrected. You may need to provide certified copies of the Sentence and Disposition for the original charge in order to prove the original charge wasn’t Pandering.

You will not be able to have the conviction Expunged from your record. Georgia has some of the strictest rules regarding the Expungement of criminal charges. Georgia law does not allow a Conviction to be Expunged or Restricted. If you are Convicted of a crime in Georgia, the Conviction will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

Finally, at this point you will not be able to have the conviction transferred to Juvenile Court and sealed. I understand this isn’t the answer you would have liked, but I believe it is accurate under the current Georgia law.

George McCranie – Offices in Valdosta & Douglas, GA