Question: Can I use this info to help my DUI defense and can my friend be charged for underage drinking? My friend is on dialysis, she is 20. I never see her drink due to her condition and her age. I have no reason to believe she would. I went out and she was my DD. I was at a private party and we did not see each other until it was time to leave. At that point I had only two beers earlier and I assumed she was ok to drive and she drove fine until we reached about a mile and a half to her home. She pulled over in a McDonalds 1.3 miles and got her food and she begged me to drive her home immediately because she felt horrible. I didn’t plan on having money for a cab and I don’t think she could wait she was very sick. So I drove 1.3 miles and got a DUI at 0.95. She was tested to drive and blew .2. But they never saw her ID. If I tell the Court is she in trouble? Well she blew a 0.2 not 0.02. And I want to attempt to reduce my charges and I have proof she was sick so I had to do something because she stopped driving like a mile from her house. And I don’t know if telling the solicitor my situation would help me and if I do tell them could my friend get in trouble for being underage and admitting she did drink and drive earlier? I’m sorry mine was 0.095. I never intended to drive and I want to explain to the solicitor why I felt I had no choice because I did try to make sure if I drank anything I would not need to drive.

Answer: I do not advise you to make any statement to the Court or to any prosecutor in your case. Any statement you make can hurt your case! I would advise you to retain a qualified and competent DUI attorney to represent you, who would be able to make the appropriate arguments in your defense. Don’t talk yourself into a DUI conviction!