Question: Can I ask for a jury trial before the City Court Judge and have my case transferred to Superior Court?  Can one have a case transferred from City Court to Superior Court by appearing before the City Court Judge where the citation is for, and stating that he wants a jury trial?  I was told it was necessary to file some form to move a case, but a friend said you can just tell the City Court Judge when the case is called and he has to move it.


Answer: It is possible to have the case transferred from City Court to a court where a jury trial is available.  Some courts have formal procedures for transferring cases, while others are informal and a simple request for a jury trial at arraignment is sufficient.  I would suggest contacting the city court clerk and finding out the specific requirements to transfer the case.  Additionally, I would suggest contacting an attorney familiar with your type of case and who practices in that particular city court and get his advice on your case.