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McCranie Law Firm Now Offers Legal Counsel for Personal Injury Cases

WE ARE NOW REPRESENTING PEOPLE INJURED OR KILLED IN ACCIDENTS!!!!! Mr. George tells the tragic story of the man that made him realize we needed to help people that have been seriously injured through no fault of their own! If You Or A Family Member Has Been Injured Or Killed In An Accident Give Us […]


Should I Complete a Defensive Driving Course Before…

Question: Should I complete a defensive driving course before my court date for 88/70 speeding ticket in Cook County, GA. I currently have "0" points. Answer: I regularly advise Clients to take a Defensive Driving course as a Pro Active measure to be used in negotiations with the State. In your case, Cook Co. is [...]


New Books Have Been Sent To The Publisher!!!

I am proud to announce my third and fourth books have now been sent to the Publisher!!!! In my new DUI book I want to educate drivers about the issues involved in a DUI based on Prescription Drugs and Marijuana. My other book addresses issues in Family Immigration and the available processes that allow legal [...]


ALS-What is an Administrative License Suspension?

ALS-What is an Administrative License Suspension? Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney George McCranie answers frequently asked questions about an Administrative License Suspension / ALS hearing in GA. The DUI and criminal Defense Lawyer George McCranie is ranked among the industries best. The defense attorney you choose can affect your entire future. You should consult McCranie Law […]


Drug Charges-What You Need to Know About A Misdemeanor Marijuana Charge in Georgia

What do You Need to Know About A Misdemeanor Marijuana Charge in Georgia? Attorney George McCranie answers the frequently asked question about Marijuana Charge in Georgia. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor drug possession, it is vital that you consult an attorney who is experienced in marijuana laws in Georgia. Contact The McCranie Lar […]

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