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Should I Complete a Defensive Driving Course Before…

Question: Should I complete a defensive driving course before my court date for 88/70 speeding ticket in Cook County, GA. I currently have "0" points. Answer: I regularly advise Clients to take a Defensive Driving course as a Pro Active measure to be used in negotiations with the State. In your case, Cook Co. is [...]


New Books Have Been Sent To The Publisher!!!

I am proud to announce my third and fourth books have now been sent to the Publisher!!!! In my new DUI book I want to educate drivers about the issues involved in a DUI based on Prescription Drugs and Marijuana. My other book addresses issues in Family Immigration and the available processes that allow legal [...]


What Happened During a License Hearing After Getting a DUI? I’m Interested in Hearing What the Process is Like.

Question:What happened during a license hearing after getting a DUI? I’m interested in hearing what the process is like. Answer:The hearing is called “Administrative License Suspension” hearing a/k/a ALS Hearing. You must request (file) a hearing within ten business days and include a $150.00 payment to the State of Georgia to receive a hearing. If [...]


Can a Criminal Defendant be Successful in a Motion to Suppress for Deprivation and Violation of Georgia Constitutional Rights?

Question:Can a criminal defendant be successful in a motion to suppress for deprivation and violation of Georgia Constitutional Rights? Someone I know is going to represent themselves, thinking they are being deprived of the right to the court by being deprived of petitioning materials that are needed to develop written motions and pleadings. He plans [...]

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